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Bilingual·Foreign Business|衍生式设计如何打造未来汽车?

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原标题:Bilingual·Foreign Business|衍生式设计如何打造未来汽车?


汽车 | 用衍生式设计打造未来汽车

Generative design used to design to build a future car

社交 | 脸书将进军在线约会市场

Facebook Venturing Into The World of Online Dating

技术 | 欧司朗收购Vixar加强3D面部识别技能

Osram Strengthens Portfolio for Security Applications Via Acquisition

智能 | Amadeus启动智慧城市计划

Amadeus launches Smart Cities offer



Generative design used to design to build a future car


As GM announced it is becoming the first major automaker in North America to adopt Autodesk generative design software to go beyond the weight reduction possible through traditional design optimization techniques.


Generative design is a design exploration technology that uses AI-based algorithms to simultaneously generate multiple valid solutions based on real-word manufacturing constraints and product performance requirements, such as strength, weight, materials and more.


Engineers can explore and choose from far more manufacturing-ready design options, far more rapidly than was ever conceivable before. They are freed from repetitive design tasks so they can focus on higher-value decisions like maximizing part performance.


GM envisions a future where reducing vehicle weight and material not only saves gas and driver money, but can also extend electric car range and open up more interior space for passengers to enjoy.

通用汽车全球零部件与分系统副总裁Ken Kelzer表示,这项颠覆性的技术将显著推进车辆零部设计与开发的进程。未来,零部件将变得更轻盈、更高效。

"This disruptive technology provides tremendous advancements in how we can design and develop components for our future vehicles to make them lighter and more efficient",said GM Vice President Ken Kelzer, Global Vehicle Components and Subsystems.


"When we pair the design technology with manufacturing advancements such as 3D printing, our approach to vehicle development is completely transformed."


Facebook Venturing Into The World of Online Dating


According to the Associated Press, at the firm's F8 developers conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new tool coming to the platform that lets users create a separate dating profile to connect with new people.


With Facebook dating, your profile will only be visible to people who aren't your Facebook friend and that have also opted into dating.


In Facebook's new dating tool (shown above during the event), your Facebook friends won't be able to see any activity from your dating profile, but Facebook will make recommendations for you based on your dating preferences, things in common and mutual friends.However, unlike rival dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble, Zuckerberg said the dating tool will be for finding long-term mates.


Chris Cox, Facebook's chief product officer, said in a presentation at F8 that the recommendations process “mirrors the actual process” of finding a date.


Osram Strengthens Portfolio for Security Applications Via Acquisition

欧司朗日前宣布收购美国企业Vixar Inc.,进一步加强其在半导体光学安防技术领域的优势。

Osram has added to its expertise in semiconductor-based optical security technology by acquiring the US-based Vixar Inc.


Osram is a technology leader in infrared optical semiconductors and has already succeeded in bringing to market light sources for fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, and 2D facial recognition.


The acquired know-how will pave the way for further security technologies, including ultra-compact 3D facial recognition. In addition to unlocking smartphones and other consumer electronics devices, such technologies also can be used for high-security access controls in industry.


Osram now has a unique breadth of technological expertise and product portfolio after bringing on board Vixar’s specialist capabilities in the field of VCSEL.


VCSEL also can be used to recognize gestures and measure distances with use cases in medical, industrial, and automotive appliances.


Amadeus launches Smart Cities offer


Amadeus rencently announces the creation of a taskforce dedicated to leading its new Smart Cities offer in Asia Pacific, enabling Smart Mobility for the world's most densely populated cities and changing the way we will live and travel in the future.


The Smart Cities offer will help cities best use existing infrastructure and new technology in order to improve tourism as well as residents’ daily commutes.


Asia is a strategic focus for Amadeus'Smart Cities solution, given 22 of the 39 megacities worldwide are in Asia Pacific, and 11 alone are in China.


Amadeus will collaborate with the public sector and governments to deliver solutions that enable the Smart Cities of the future.


In 2017, Amadeus committed US$800 million to research and development for innovation globally, half of which was directly linked to technologies that furthered its Smart Mobility initiatives - including biometrics, traveler identification, IoT, massive data platforms and passenger handling solutions.


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